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Catherine & Jennifer Clarke

In this Vlog I have the enormous pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Clarke of Meditation courses.



My top tips for a great night’s sleep. Sleep is a vital function that is commonly neglected or disturbed in many ways.

Defining Stories

Defining Stories

In this short Vlog I have 3 stories to tell you that definitely affected the course of my life.


Why I don’t want to talk about weight loss any more

For a long time I thought I couldn’t say things like this… come and find out what I mean in my 1st Blog!


Episode 8 – Catherine & Helen Lauer

In this episode I have the pleasure of talking to Helen Lauer who is a Shiatsu practitioner.

Karen Tranquille

Episode 7 – Catherine and Karen Tranquille

I have been wanting to bring this vlog to you for a while now but when Karen mentioned in a post recently about how her running had helped with her anxiety, it spurred me into action!


Episode 6 – Catherine & Laura Husson

In this episode I am super honoured to have Laura Husson, aka Totally Laura, my friend and mentor, subconscious transformational coach (with intuitive superpowers!)


Episode 5 – Catherine and Mark Chapman

You have got fitness’ dream team on the coach for this episode!!


Episode 4 – Catherine & Janine Knell

In this episode I speak with Janine Knell, the owner of the gorgeous holistic salon, Pure Indulgence by the Sea in Whitstable.


Episode 3 – Catherine & Julie Clark

Today I’m talking to world class nutritional therapist, Julie Clark


Empower yourself against the Corona Virus

During this uncertain time it’s nice to know you can still do some good for yourself. Here are a few ways to ensure you are as fit and healthy as you can be.


Coach on the Couch Episode 1

The first episode of my vlog!