A FREE Masterclass for women in their midlife that need to prioritise self-care,
find balance and create meaningful connections without feeling overwhelmed.

Master Motivation and prioritise your wellbeing in 5 easy steps
(hint, Willpower is BS!)

Hang out with me for an hour and I will show you how to put yourself at the top of the priority list without it
feeling forced and like you are taking already precious time away from your family and work.

During This Masterclass You Will learn how to:

  • Look at your desires differently so you can immediately see why you are not achieving them
  • Break free from barriers holding you back and fearlessly pursue your desires(without the mum guilt or guilt of any kind)
  • Turn your desires into a realistic road map to achieving your goals.
  • Take immediate action for rapid results: Implement practical strategies right away to achieve significant transformations quickly.
  • Forge meaningful connections: Understand that you are not alone on your journey and harness the power and impact of doing this as a community. Cultivate deeper bonds through open communication and become an inspiration for loved ones.

Meet your host

Catherine Chapman is a Vitality and Wellbeing Coach whose mission is to galvanize thousands of women in their midage through movement and mindset to shine their own unique light and create the life of their dreams.

Through beautiful practices such as Pilates Breathwork Meditation and subconscious transformation we get to rise up and move forward together.

As a wife, Mama of 3 and business owner, I fully understand the stressors of life. It got to a point where it was no longer viable to be all things to all people without putting myself first (Hear, the universe sent me a prolonged period of acute anxiety!). I am not available to feel like that ever again. Life is also full of magic and wonder and that is where I chose to focus and I believe you can too!


Do you say every New Year / Birthday / MONDAY! that today is the day! And it never is! You don’t have to do it alone. Let me help you!