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Vitality Rooms helps women who are tired of being

and instead are ready to regain their well being.

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We make it easy and fun to prioritise your physical, mental and spiritual health by providing you with the tools and techniques to integrate into your daily routine to get back on with living your best life with ease and flow! Furthermore, you get to do this within a community of incredible women, just like you AND it doesn’t matter where in the world you are because it’s all online.

It may shock you to know that...

Around 1 in 5 women suffer from uncontrolled stress/burnout and/or Anxiety or depression.

It may not surprise you to know that women are reported to be less happy than our sisters 50 to 60 yrs ago. An article in Huff Post suggested that the happiest women and the most “successful” were the women who focused on the moment, accepted what they found and strived for imbalance.  Vitality Rooms is set up for just this; Using tools such as meditation and movement to be totally present, [working on] loving yourself as and where you are and becoming the best version of you on any given day so that you can easily accept the imbalances of the day/ the week/ life…….!

As if the debilitating feeling of stress and anxiety is not enough (believe me, I know, it’s too much!) left unchecked, they can start to aid the following three shocking facts:-/

  • The World Health Organisation identifies physical INactivity as the FOURTH leading risk factor for global mortality
  • Approximately 50% of females are overweight or obese
  • Your risk of developing heart disease dramatically increases after 40, causing 1 in 5 female deaths.

These are just a few enormous reasons why your health and well-being must be your main priority, especially later on in life.

I am sure you will not be surprised to hear that your body behaves differently after 40! The good news is, none of this is your fault and implementing simple changes and practices can dramatically change your physical and mental health - It doesn’t have to be so hard.   Thankfully,  your subconscious behaves the same regardless of your age and we can use this to help you so that you can make improvements in these areas and many more without it taking over your life.  The prime directive of Vitality Rooms is to give you tools so you can sustain the way you choose to live healthily and happily.  Burnout will be a distant memory and you will have a catalogue of tools to help you manage daily stress so that it remains that way. Another wonderful thing is that the magic starts to show up all over your life - not just in the areas you have been concentrating on improving.

Who am I to tell you this?

Hi, my name is Catherine Chapman, a wellness expert with over two decades of experience serving hundreds of clients.

When I moved out of London with my husband and two young children back to the beautiful coastal town of Whitstable, Kent, UK, I thought everything was going to be a fairytale.  That is what it looked like from the outside, yet on the inside (of me) I felt like I was trudging uphill, through treacle, constantly.  I was in the tight grips of acute anxiety and I couldn’t understand why - everyone else seemed to be coping and I was doing everything I could! I couldn’t work properly, I couldn’t look after my family effectively, I couldn’t eat, It was exhausting!

The Kitchen

As a confessed “fixer” (must be the nurse in me!) I set about getting help for myself: Exercise, talking therapy, meditation, journaling, reflexology, subconscious work, breathwork and anything else I could find.  Slowly but surely a combination of techniques applied with continuity helped me clear the anxiety completely.

I am determined to never feel like this again and have created Vitality Rooms to help other women adopt their own unique combination of techniques into their lives so that they don’t reach burnout themselves.

What makes Vitality Rooms so different?

We are all different, so it takes a different combination of techniques to fit into each of our lives to have the desired effect, which, again, is always individual.

This is why Vitality Rooms is so unique - It is the best wellbeing pick and mix ever!  You get to choose from the Kitchen, Fitness Suite, Study and Live classes, what combination supports your life. You also get to share this journey with your fellow members and me within the Lounge, our FaceBook community.  It is all online, so you can have all this info and support available to you where ever you are.


Let me tell you more!

The Fitness Suite

Your first room is the Fitness Studio.  Here you will find an ever expanding repertoire of different forms of exercise; of varying length, ability and focus, including my very popular HIIT Pilates 10 and Pilates Hip workshop.

The Kitchen

Next, we have the Kitchen where you can access nutritional support, a food journal and planner plus lots of delicious, easy to follow recipes that can be enjoyed by all the family too.

The Study

The Study is our mind hub, a place where we will provide you with help and support in regards to a wide range of topics; such as helping you with your fitness mindset, goal setting as well as advice on how to make and break habits, to name just a few. Plus of course we will also encourage to take time out with meditations and other ways to relax and rejuvenate.

Female-specific health is also key, so within the rooms, you will find tools such as a menstruation/mood tracker and pregnancy and post-natal Pilates class.

My mission is to help women create a strong, healthy, physical, mental and spiritual foundation on which they can build the life of their dreams, so click on the link below to be part and join other like-minded women and me in the Vitality Rooms.

Benefit bullets

  • 30+ Veggie recipes making it easy to eat well
  • 6 Live classes every week - fun, connection with other members and great for accountability.
  • A buzzing [PRIVATE] FaceBook community to be connected with your Vitality Rooms family.
  • Unlimited access to the Vitality Rooms team
  • The Study is a virtual room with an ever-growing catalogue of techniques to support your wellbeing.
  • A library of different recorded classes, different movement styles, and focuses to keep you interested and for you to do at your convenience. I am constantly adding to this.
  • Monitored numbers of members to keep the Vitality Rooms personal, reactive and bespoke to it members.

Your Host

As your Vitality Coach, I help women like you to make their fitness and well-being a priority, consistent and FUN!

As a wife, Mama of 3 and business owner, I fully understand life's stressors.  It got to a point where it was no longer viable to be all things to all people without putting myself first (And right on cue, the universe sent me a prolonged period of acute anxiety that I told you about earlier!).  I am not available to feel like that ever again.  Life is also full of magic and wonder and that is where I chose to focus and I believe you can too!

I graduated with my nursing diploma at 20yrs old and spent the first part of my working life in London.  Following a move to the coast and the birth of our 3rd child, I decided to do my Pilates teaching diploma.  This started my transition to the healthy side of health care, firmly believing “prevention is better than cure”.  Since then, I have continued my training, including working with your Subconscious through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TimeLine technique, Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and life and success coaching. I am also a qualified breathwork healer and hold a meditation teacher diploma.


What Vitality Rooms members say….

“I absolutely love doing Catherine's online pilates and Piloxing classes in my lounge. It is so invigorating and I can really feel those tummy muscles beginning to work!”

“If you’re like me and need a fixed time of day, a class atmosphere and someone constantly motivating you to work harder, Catherine and her weekly sessions are for you. You will not be disappointed.  xx”

“Such a great group to be part of. So down to earth. So encouraging. Life-changing.”

“I love the social aspect isn't lost either as we have a Facebook group where we share our goals plans and challenges. I really enjoy being part of it.”

This is what you get

  • 6 live classes per week - worth £240 per month
  • HIIT 10 Pilates Challenge - worth £10
  • Intro to Breathwork - worth £122
  • 30+ Recipes - worth £25
  • Shiatsu stretches workshop - worth £30
  • Tens (& growing) of Fitness, Pilates, Dance classes and workshops
  • A growing library of hypnosis, meditation and breathwork
  • A community ready to work out with you and celebrate you! - Priceless
  • Unlimited access to Catherine and Team - Priceless

ALL FOR £44 per month

Guarantee (1)


Let us make this even easier!  If you are not happy with what you have received in Vitality Rooms within your first 30 days, we will give you your money back.  That is a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Now you have nothing left to lose and everything to gain!  I look forward to walking alongside you in your journey to fabulous well-being.  I look forward to seeing you in classes, in the lounge (our Facebook community) and maybe at a Vitality Rooms Live event!


  • You are in the right place if you are no longer available for the yucky feeling of ongoing stress and anxiety.
  • You are in the right place if you are looking for a fun, efficient way of looking after yourself from the inside out.
  • You are in the right place if you are ready to make your physical, mental and spiritual (whatever this means to you) well-being a priority without it taking over your life.
  • You are in the right place if you want to do this with a community of like-minded amazing women.


Do I need Facebook account? You don’t need a FaceBook account to enjoy Vitality Rooms.  However, I encourage members to create a very private, basic profile to benefit from the thriving Vitality Rooms community that hangs out in the Lounge, which is our private FB group.  This group is totally private and only our current members are allowed here.  If you really don’t want to be on FB, we also have a What's app broadcast list and regular emails to keep you updated.

I'm vegan. Will the nutrition be ok? Absolutely!  Most of the recipes are Vegan.

Do I have to be fit to join Vitality Rooms? NOOO, not at all - this is a reason TO join VR! There are always modifications in the videos and live classes so you can adapt the exercises to your fitness levels and any injuries you have and I am always available for questions.

I have never done meditation or breathwork and I don’t think hypnosis will work on me.  Again, these are reasons TO join VR! An Introduction to Breathwork course will be added to the membership shortly and there will be a meditation course soon after.  With regards to hypnosis, please let go of any images of performers on stage making people cluck like chickens 😉  You are very much aware of what is going on during therapeutic hypnotherapy - a similar feeling to meditation and it can work for everyone if they are open to it.

Let me in!